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Article 1 Repeat DUI Offenders Suffer from Decision-Making Deficits-deficits Link
Video 3 Achieving goals Link
Quiz 4 Pre-assessment Link
Worksheet 5 Itemizing Link
Video 10 Sensible Ideas Link
Article 11 Sharing background Link
Survey 12 12 Hr. before arrest Link
Video 14 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Link
Video 15 Hierarchy of Needs in Ratatouille Link
Video 16 Johari Window Link
Video 17 Invention of liying Link
Video 18 Blind side,
Reference 21 Lesson ideas Link
Reference 22 Teaching Strategies Link
Reference 23 Background information Link
Video 24 Alcohol effects on brain Link
Video 25 How alcohol affects the body long term Link
Video 26 Let's Talk Alcohol and the brain Link
Video 27 29 Misconceptions About Alcohol Link